Farlington Guitar Workshop - directed by Derek Hasted

Workshop meets about 18 times a year - 6 times a term. Some people have supported Workshop so magnificently that they've come to literally hundreds of our get-togethers. And so, at the first concert after each hundred attendances, our heroes receive a certificate and a little gift of appreciation.

Long Service Certificate

We've got attendance figures back to 1991, and the only reason we don't go back even earlier is that no-one kept them because no-one thought we'd be around this long! So it's possibly the case that the totals here are a little on the small side.

So let's hear it for the heroes, and remember that it's people like these who've made the Guitar Workshop one of the UK's longest established informal ensembles!

Our Hall of Fame ...
PLATINUM AWARD - 400 attendances
2014-5 Chris J
GOLD AWARD - 300 attendances
2014-5 Alan W
2012-3 Sue D
2012-3 Mary M
2008-9 Chris J
SILVER AWARD - 200 attendances
2016-7 Bill R
2015-6 Viv H
2015-6 Richard E
2010-1 Frances D
2010-1 Roy B
2007-8 John A
2005-6 Mary M
2004-5 Alan W
2004-5 Michael S
2003-4 Sue D
2003-4 Mick M
2002-3 Chris J
BRONZE AWARD - 100 attendances
2017-8 Mike M
2017-8 Nicholas M
2017-8 Debbie V
2015-6 Aurora V
2014-5 Rich B
2013-4 Jenny W
2013-4 Rob H
2012-3 Viv H
2011-2 Frances L
2009-0 Bill R
2008-9 Richard E
2008-9 Bridgette R
2008-9 Barry W
2006-7 Peter B
2003-4 Roy B
2001-2 John D
2001-2 Frances D
2000-1 Barbara F
2000-1 John A
2000-1 Mary M
2000-1 Chris JM

When we're meeting

Spring 2020

Thu 9th & Thu 23rd

Thu 13th & Thu 27th

Thu 12th & Thu 26th

Future meetings...

2nd & 4th Thursdays in Term Time

Come along - first session free!