Farlington Guitar Workshop - directed by Derek Hasted

Our 2020 e-recitals

While Workshop has been closed because of the 2020 Coronavirus restrictions, we've been "e-meeting" and producing recordings of our players at home in Hampshire and beyond.


Here are our 2020 e-recitals, most recent first...

Christmas Medley

9th December 2020

Buy as 3-part PDF sheet music

When A Child Is Born

12th November 2020

Buy When A Child Is Born as three-part PDF sheet music

Watching The Wheat

24th September 2020

Buy Watching The Wheat as three-part PDF sheet music

Summer Holiday

9th July 2020

Buy Summer Holiday as 4-part PDF sheet music

We Have All The Time In The World

25th June 2020

Buy two different arrangements as PDF sheet music

The Muppets

11th June 2020


28th May 2020

We're Busy Doing Nothing!

14th May 2020

Buy We're Busy Doing Nothing as PDF sheet music

Hymne - Vangelis - dedicated to our NHS staff

7th May 2020

Buy Hymne as PDF sheet music

I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song

23rd April 2020

Buy I'll Have To Say I Love You as PDF sheet music

Uptown Girl

9th April 2020

Buy Uptown Girl as PDF sheet music

I Dreamed a Dream

26th March 2020

Buy I Dreamed A Dream as PDF sheet music

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