Farlington Guitar Workshop - directed by Derek Hasted

Our next informal guitar concert in aid of local charities

Bedhampton Guitar Concert 2004 - in aid of charity

The Guitar Workshop has played informal concerts for local charities since 1989, raising up to £1000 a time!

Next concert

  • Our next Concert is is dependent on the Coronavirus outbreak
  • Tickets are £7 (£3 for kids) on the door
  • Short concert followed by refreshments & raffle
  • St Nicholas, Queen Anne's Drive, Bedhampton PO9 3PU

Read about our past concerts ->


Join in with us...

Ever played guitar with someone miles away? You can now!

Here Is Joy - opening item

Print out the music of our opening item - played right from cold ...

  • Score - Click here

Now take a seat in the middle of my 34 players and let rip!

  • Audio - Click for mp3 - starts just before the final verse

We Wish You A Merry Christmas - finalé

Print out 3 of the 8 parts of our Concert finale - all on one sheet.

  • Score - Click here

Sit with classical, requinto, 6-string B bass and 4-string E bass guitars; or croon along with the audience of 133 as they struggle to sing in a key which suits the players, not the audience!

  • Audio - Click for final verse

Other concert soundclips

With no explanation about what's going on, enjoy "Old Bill Jones" (1 Mb MP3)
Our Director's worked out who played the spurious note at the end, and in the interests of your future enjoyment of Workshop soundclips, be assured that he'll be taken outside and garroted with a D'Addario EJ46C composite G string as a warning to others.

Play the music we play

Every concert features the new music we've added to the Workshop Collection, together with many of our favourite pieces. You can share it!

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