Hampshire Guitar Workshop - Lovedean - directed by Derek Hasted

Audio clips

We're an informal group of novice and intermediate guitarists, but that doesn't mean we don't make a big sound!

Over the years we've recorded a few bits and pieces...

Old Bill Jones

First up is "Old Bill Jones" from one of our concerts.

And yes, there's no explanation about what's going on or why, nor who played the spurious note at the end!

Here Is Joy
Play along with us!

Here's a live recording of the opening item from one of our concerts

  • Print out the music of our opening item here
  • Now take a seat in the middle of 34 players and let rip!
  • Starts just before the final verse

We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Play along with us!

Here's a live recording of a concert finalé

  • Print out 3 of the 8 parts of our Concert finale - all on one sheet
  • Sit with classical, requinto, 6-string B bass and 4-string E bass guitars; or croon along with the audience of 133 as they struggle to sing in a key which suits the players, not the audience!
  • Starts at the final verse