The Guitar Workshop - Lovedean, Hampshire - directed by Peter Rogers

Guitar Workshop Hampshire

What's the Guitar Workshop? Read on!

Derek, our Founder and former Leader, writes... "Workshop is an informal adult ensemble, open to guitar players (classical/nylon or acoustic/steel) who can read music...

I asked the Workshop players to write a sentence describing Workshop to you. Over to them..."


"A very good place to improve sight-reading, and chance to play with and meet other guitarists"

"A chance to play guitar to an audience whilst helping to raise funds for charity"

"A friendly group of people who like music and want to progress"

"Workshop is a good place to meet people with the same interest in music."

"It is friendly and a good place to learn and play music better in a group"

"A very good experience - a fun evening for all standards"

"A group of enthusiasts who like to play guitar and have fun"

"A group of people having fun with their guitars and making good music - even if you are not brilliant yourself"

"A unique opportunity not to be missed! A valuable and enjoyable experience"

"It's a chance to play guitar with others, have fun, meet new people with the same interest, to be part of something unusual"

"An enjoyable evening - it keeps you on your toes"

"Fun, relaxed, and a good place to build your confidence"

"Good fun!"

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